How RoutingBox is Stepping up During the COVID-19 Crisis

July 20, 2020

As we all continue to navigate our way through this global pandemic, it is becoming clear that things may never be the same as before COVID-19. The needs and requests of passengers are changing daily. For example, a dialysis patient who is usually quite happy to join others on the ride may not want to multi-load anymore as this patient is immunocompromised and, therefore, more susceptible to contracting COVID-19.  As a transporter, you need to adapt to these concerns and find an efficient way to not multi-load passengers. To keep your drivers and passengers safe, your staff needs to follow enhanced safety protocols which includes adding ample time to disinfect the vehicle between trips. 

Safety is and, has always been, paramount in our industry. The primary focus of safety concerns has traditionally revolved around your passengers. New safety protocols must also include your drivers. How do we make sure our passengers get to where they need to be, while keeping them safe and essentially protected against COVID 19? What can we do as transporters to not expose the immunocompromised? 

RoutingBox was created by NEMT for NEMT, so it is no surprise that our software has a solution built-in for these very questions. Our customers are using our proprietary Route Optimization algorithm to accommodate major business changes and make their routes as efficient as possible. This powerful tool considers multiple parameters with exponential calculations to help you adapt quickly.  Some examples include – late tolerance, the distance you want your drivers going between trips, whether or not to allow multi-loading and more. Because you need to adapt daily, you are able to edit these criteria as needed.  You can adapt quickly for a situation like multi-loading by switching it on or off as needed.   

With a couple clicks, Route Optimization takes all of your trips and strings them together to generate the most efficient routes. It does this while considering all your selected parameters. This incredibly robust tool was the culmination of years of transportation industry experience, customer input, research, testing, and development. Every aspect of RoutingBox is set up to streamline your day and to minimize your work efforts. Perhaps more importantly, our expert customer success team is available to help you through every step of the process. 

At RoutingBox, we pride ourselves on being the most forward-thinking company in the NEMT space. For this reason, when the pandemic hit, we did more than help our current customers. Just like you, we knew that we had a duty to do our part in helping the communities we serve. In May, RoutingBox embarked on a partnership with New York State Senator Leroy Comrie to help get COVID-19 testing to essential volunteer workers throughout Queens.  

In May, The Senator and his team facilitated a first-of-its-kind mobile COVID-19 testing unit with a fully-equipped Medical Bus. During their inaugural three-hour event held at a food pantry in Springfield Gardens, the Senator and his team were able to administer more than 100 tests. Due to the success of their first event, The Senator’s team was asked to expand their testing efforts to more than 50 locations across Queens.  

By using RoutingBox, the team will have access to sophisticated analysis reports and be able to compile all necessary data with just a few quick clicks. Because RoutingBox automatically tracks their Medical Bus and keeps comprehensive records for potential auditing, the team can focus on their core mission rather than record keeping.  

This partnership between RoutingBox and Senator Comrie illustrates one of our core beliefs– that we can accomplish great things by melding technology and good public practice. The Senator’s team is helping save lives and improving the communities they serve by using advanced technology tools created by RoutingBox. As a software company in the service industry, it’s our pleasure to partner with the Senator in his quest to get testing to his district. It’s not just our pleasure, it’s also our responsibility and we will continue to do so. 

Written by: Becca Fields-Poniskaitis, Marketing Strategist at BiTS, the creator of RoutingBox

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