RoutingBox Assists in Queens COVID-19 Testing

August 10, 2020

How our partnership with a NYS Senator is making a difference. 

As this important initiative expands throughout the borough, the Senator’s team will need crucial, real-time data analysis in addition to routing and vehicle tracking capabilities. For this reason, Senator Comrie’s team began their partnership with RoutingBox. Because RoutingBox automatically tracks their Medical Bus and keeps comprehensive records for potential auditing, the team can focus on their core mission rather than record keeping. 

“Given this uncertain time, we are happy to provide our technology and expertise to organizations who are in the front lines. BiTS’s RoutingBox solution is helping to give transporters of all kinds across the country the ability to quickly adapt to changes to better weather the COVID-19 storm.  Moreover, we will continue to support, build, and expand our technology for any organization that needs our software now and, in the future,” said Gabe Lullo, General Manager and Divisional Vice President at BiTS, the creator of RoutingBox. 

This partnership between RoutingBox and Senator Comrie illustrates one of our core beliefs– that we can accomplish great things by melding technology and good public practice. The Senator’s team is helping save lives and improving the communities they serve by using advanced technology tools created by RoutingBox. As a software company in the service industry, it’s our pleasure to partner with the Senator in his quest to get testing to his district. It’s not just our pleasure, it’s also our responsibility, and we will continue to do so. Moving forward, we are excited to watch this project expand across Queens and beyond.  

Written by: Becca Fields-Poniskaitis, Marketing Strategist at BiTS, the creator of RoutingBox

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