Tracker and Driver Accountability

March 16, 2020

Tracker and Driver Accountability

NOTE: This article is designed to show the ways the Tracker feature in RoutingBox allows for more driver accountability. If you already have RoutingBox and have questions on using the Tracker please reference our How To Us the Tracker article.

The tracker itself is fairly self-explanatory – it allows you to track your drivers in real-time. But how exactly does this work and what does that mean for transparency and accountability with your drivers?

How does it work?

The tracker runs based on the GPS location that is enabled on your drivers RoutingBox Mobile apps. When they are logged into RoutingBox on their device you will be able to track where they are and at what point in a trip they are currently. Since the RoutingBox Mobile GPS location is updated every 30 seconds, you are truly getting the most updated location information possible.

As long as your drivers are updating the status of their trips on their RoutingBox Mobile app, you’ll be able to see exactly where in their trip they are. If they are on their way to a pick up, on their way to a drop off, if their vehicle is empty, or if a trip was just dispatched to them, the pin that shows for them on the Tracker Map will show in a different color.

What does this mean for transparency and accountability?

Your drivers should know that you have this tool at your disposal. If you’re feeling unsure about how they will receive the news that they have “Big Brother” watching let them know how this tool will make their job easier.  The Tracker allows you to better set them up for success because you know, at any given moment, where they are and what the status of their current trip is. You know all this without encouraging unsafe driving habits such as phone calls or texts. This allows them to be safer on the road and more personable with the passenger in their vehicle.

Of course, this tool also allows you to keep an eye on drivers who may have a bad habit of getting off route. By being able to hold them accountable in this way, you may find that their performance improves. The knowledge that you can see where they are at any given moment may be enough to set them back on course.

RoutingBox is a powerful software that will help you run your business more effectively and efficiently. The driver tracker helps you achieve that goal but giving you a better way to set your drivers up for success as well as a convenient way to hold them accountable.

Written by: Becca Fields-Poniskaitis, Marketing Strategist at BiTS, the creator of RoutingBox

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