AmeriCab Transportation


AmeriCab Transportation is a transportation provider that focuses primarily on medical transportation in the Cleveland, OH area with a total of 60 vehicles that provide livery and wheelchair trips. They serve local and national brokers, local hospitals and facilities, and a local paratransit contract. Like many transportation companies, AmeriCab has adapted and shifted its business to become almost primarily medical transportation as the taxi market continues to evolve and present unprecedented competition from Uber and Lyft.


With the focus of AmeriCab’s business shifting to NEMT, AmeriCab found themselves needing a software that is optimized for the very specific needs of an NEMT provider. Its current tool was a software targeted at traditional taxi fleets. It lacked some of the tools that AmeriCab needed to manage their specialized trips. When asked what is different about RoutingBox and their old system, company CFO Joe Pieciak said…

“RoutingBox is a lot more user friendly. Trips are done faster. There are no duplications. Trips would take awhile to put in and would get duplicated in the old system. We can check for that a lot easier. It’s been a night and day difference and its been for the good.”

How RoutingBox Helped

The RoutingBox team got to work for AmeriCab and quickly identified opportunities to streamline their trip scheduling operations, their dispatching and routing functions, and even their billing and accounts receivable. RoutingBox analyzed electronic files from a local broker that they worked with and their paratransit contract trip roster to design imports that would allow AmeriCab to put these trips into RoutingBox in a few clicks and without manual data entry. Pieciak says “Everything that we wanted in other systems, you guys already had or could do in a matter of weeks”. These imports created tremendous time savings for AmeriCab. Operations Manager, Josh Johnson, said “It turned our business into minutes as opposed to days”.

After putting together everything AmeriCab needed, the RoutingBox team started on the project of implementing their new software. Speaking of the implementation process, Joe Pieciak said “It was smooth. It was quick. Jennifer was on top of everything every step of the way. We couldn’t ask for a better situation.”

Johnson agreed, stating “It blew me away how quick and effortless this was made.”

After implementing, the RoutingBox team continues to support AmeriCab with its industry leading support experience. Speaking of product support, Joe, said “It’s been unbelievable. For any questions, they’re very, very quick to help. Very responsive. It’s been very nice and refreshing to have a company that responds so quickly as opposed to posing a question and having to wait weeks or months. It’s been a breath of fresh air.”

Even the billing department received a huge boost in efficiency. Speaking of the tools available in RoutingBox, Pieciak says billing is “100x easier” in RoutingBox.

Results, Return on Investment, and Future Plans

AmeriCab is already using RoutingBox to help them grow their business and is now implementing the ClientLink Passenger App and Booking Portal. Pieciak says…

“It’s already putting us well ahead of the game in this area and with the ease of use with it, we’re going to be ahead of the game for a long time coming”.

In addition to leveraging their new technology to generate new revenue, AmeriCab is finding that employees are spending less time on manual tasks and are able to spend more time on the experience of the customer. Josh says…

“The ease of doing anything and everything that you need to take care of is just by far the best in RoutingBox. The time savings has been immeasurable since we switched. It’s just unreal.”

RoutingBox has put AmeriCab in a position to be far more proactive in serving their clients and seeking new business opportunities, rather than constantly having to react and always feeling like they were behind. Now that RoutingBox is implemented, AmeriCab is truly on a route to better business.