Tracker and Driver Accountability

Posted by rfields on March 16, 2020

Tracker and Driver Accountability NOTE: This article is designed to show the ways the Tracker feature in RoutingBox allows for more driver accountability. If you already have RoutingBox and have questions on using the Tracker please reference our How To Us the Tracker article.     The tracker itself is fairly self-explanatory – it allows you to track your drivers in real time. But how exactly does this work and what does that mean for
2020 is more than a new year; 2020 marks the beginning of a new decade. The enormity of this new decade has all of us here at RoutingBox thinking about long term goals rather than just a “New Year’s Resolution.” We are asking more honest questions about what our goals are and figuring out where we truly want to be at the end of this decade. It turns out, as a company, we want to

Dispatching with RoutingBox

Posted by r0utbadmin on February 26, 2020

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Dispatching Tools RoutingBox’s primary focus is to save time and reduce human error in the day to day operations of NEMT companies. With that being said, we are constantly working to increase the amount of automation incorporated into our dispatching tools.   Routes To most effectively take advantage of our more automated tools, you’ll first need to put together routes. You’ll only need to set these up and save them once. Of course, if you
Here at RoutingBox, we pride ourselves on anticipating the needs of our users and providing built in customizations that will help solve any and all future problems. Often, as NEMT businesses grow they find the task of manual data entry arduous. For this reason, RoutingBox has multiple scheduling options that your business can grow into.   Manual Entry Transitioning from pen and paper to software can be a daunting task leaving your staff desperate for

The Importance of Customer Service

Posted by r0utbadmin on November 20, 2018

Introduction: Customer service has become increasingly important over the years as it correlates directly to the success of a business. Providing excellent customer service within your operations is vital to your business’ expansion. You’re more likely to retain current customers as well as gain new ones if you’re ensuring the customer has a good experience from the moment they call in for a ride to their final drop off. A key part of providing great