The Importance of Customer Service

Posted by r0utbadmin on November 20, 2018

Introduction: Customer service has become increasingly important over the years as it correlates directly to the success of a business. Providing excellent customer service within your operations is vital to your business’ expansion. You’re more likely to retain current customers as well as gain new ones if you’re ensuring the customer has a good experience from the moment they call in for a ride to their final drop off. A key part of providing great
Introduction One of the most important mindsets to have when using any type of software, is trust in the product you are using.  Trusting the software to work as expected and providing accurate information is the largest selling point when purchasing a software product in the first place.  The way we see it here at RoutingBox, there are three main questions a product must answer to help build that level of trust: is it transparent,

Pitfalls of Manual Data Entry

Posted by r0utbadmin on September 17, 2018

Introduction: With the various data entry options surrounding the NEMT industry, whether manual or through software, it’s hard to know which option is best for your organization. By switching to a software that streamlines your data entry, the time and money you save can be reallocated to places that could benefit from more attention. There are various reasons to switch from manual data entry to a software that can streamline the process. Here are a
Mobile solutions do not only include your phone or mobile device, but also entail the finer details such as apps, accessories and mounts. You want to get the best products that allow your business to operate at peak efficiency. Taking a look at devices, how do you get a reliable deal on your devices? RoutingBox has connections with all 4 of the major carriers all over the country. These connections understand RoutingBox as a product
RoutingBox Friday live was on the road this week visiting with the commercial sales consultant of MobilityWorks, April Wagner-Volkosh. MobilityWorks is a nationwide dealer that works with wheelchair accessible ambulette vehicles. Many NEMT providers are curious about best practices when buying these types of ambulette vehicles, so it’s important to take a thorough dive into your options. One of the things that makes MobilityWorks unique is that they have DOT certified ambulette vehicles in stock