When Bryan was going through chemotherapy, he started to notice the real problem with NEMT. “When I’d leave chemo with my wife,” he said, “I’d see the same people waiting outside for their ride home as I saw on my way in over an hour earlier.” The thought of having just gone through chemo and then having to wait over an hour to go home shook him to his core. Now, Bryan was going into work with a new mindset. He started asking more honest questions about how transportation, and NEMT specifically, is run. He learned that dispatching for NEMT operated on a “first come, first serve” basis. “What do you mean we just pick everyone up in the order they call?” Bryan asked in disbelief. He knew they could do better at Hometown Taxi. Doing better became his mission.

In 2016, when Bryan had just begun trying to bring about real industry change at Hometown Taxi, he was doing pretty much everything by hand with pen and paper. They had a variety of phones, radios, and in-car GPS systems, but something was always falling short. Again, he knew they could do better. Bryan, being the kind of person who is open to trying any and all new solutions, made sure his team knew that they could go to him with their ideas. Team members would come by his office and recommend a solution they had heard about one way or another and Bryan, true to his word, would try all of them.

Four or five dispatching solutions in, it became obvious to Bryan that none of these applications had been created by people who understood the transportation industry from a driver’s standpoint. Needless to say, when RoutingBox came to Hometown Taxi, Bryan was cautiously ready to give it a try. He had low expectations but, nevertheless, he agreed to try the basic version of RoutingBox. Immediately, he felt the impact. They were better organized which meant more trips were being completed, which in turn kept customers happy and calling into Hometown Taxi rather than their competitors. He approximated that it only took 30-45 days for him to completely buy into RoutingBox. Since upgrading his RoutingBox, Bryan has been able to triple his revenue.

To him, while his revenue growth may be impressive, it’s the fact that his overhead only doubled when his revenue tripled that has truly made the difference. “RoutingBox allows us to have minimal overhead and office staff, which lets us pay our drivers better and even give them vacation time – something totally unheard of in this industry!” Bryan said.

When Bryan began his mission to improve NEMT, he knew he’d eventually need to invest in a worthwhile technology that would help him to achieve the industry altering goal he’d set for himself. His “give everything a try” nature meant he would end up investing in multiple technologies – most of which fell just short. “Everything else I tried was good, but nothing was great until I got RoutingBox.”

Bryan’s story means so much to us, here at RoutingBox. While, of course, we are proud to have helped Hometown Taxi’s revenue triple since 2016, it is truly Bryan’s mission that makes our work so worthwhile. We do not take lightly the mission he is on to improve NEMT; in fact, we are on the very same mission. NEMT can be better, and we are proud to be working diligently on being an integral part of that change.

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