ClientLink Passenger App
Increase Ridership (5)
Revolutionizing the NEMT rider experience

The RoutingBox ClientLink Passenger application was designed to bring the on-demand trip experience to the NEMT industry giving your riders a benefit they’ve have been missing out on for years! The application is customized to your company and will include your company logo and colors. Your new application will be available to download on both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

Reduce No Shows and Cancellations: Passengers get trip alerts and reminders, eliminating any confusion or miscommunication.

Decrease Inbound Calls: Passengers can alert the dispatchers they are “ready” with the click of a button on a will call trip.

Lessen Wait Times: Passengers can track the vehicle on demand, so they know when the vehicle is going to arrive.

Improve Rider Satisfaction: By creating an easier process for managing their trips, passengers are left with an effortless experience!
Improve your Business by...

  • Receiving fewer inbound calls for trip bookings, ETAs, and will calls
  • Obtaining more accurate trip booking information
  • Fewer no-shows
  • More scheduled private pay trips
  • Significantly less miscommunication with customers
  • Reducing fraud and abuse

Transporters will reduce operating costs by streamlining their processes and creating more efficient operating procedures. Rider satisfaction will increase, reflecting positively on your business.

Your Passengers will Love to...

  • Book self-funded or account-funded trips in advance or on demand directly through the app
  • Track driver location and ETA for accurate and efficient pickup regardless of who booked the trip
  • Indicate that they’re ready to be picked up with the press of a button
  • View all scheduled future trips
  • Receive notifications and reminders of upcoming trips

Passengers will enjoy real-time scheduling and tracking for convenience and accuracy purposes. Reducing phone calls with trip alerts, ETAs, and one-tap return makes for an effortless experience.

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