The Difference

From the beginning, RoutingBox has remained committed to removing barriers for transportation companies attempting to provide access to healthcare and community services.

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Customer Focused
We believe the best way to provide the best care to our customers is by maintaining our customer focused approach. We listen to our customer feedback and optimize our processes to conform to their unique needs. Providing the best user experience is our goal!
Industry Knowledge
Our team of experts has the highest amount of industry knowledge in the field. Combined, this knowledge is utilized to create the most adaptable software to help you grow your NEMT business, based on your individual needs. We’re here to help!
Superior Technology
Our customized systems were developed specifically for transportation companies by our team of expert developers. As the needs for the transportation industry continuously evolve, our experts make necessary adjustments as needed.
Ultimate Flexibility
Our software works with the customer, so they get exactly what they need. We provide the personalized training you need to optimize our software for your business, while making adjustments on our end to provide an experience surpassing all others.

Our Process

Step 1.
Together, we’ll discuss what RoutingBox can do for your business.
Step 2.
We make it easy to use our flexible, intuitive software.
Step 3.
You’re ready to take the wheel. We make sure the transition is seamless.
Step 4.
We’re always only a call, chat, or email away!
Schedule a Consultation
Schedule a Consultation

Customer Support

Our customer support team is always available to answer questions, offer technical assistance and keep your RoutingBox software running smoothly.