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“Words cannot express the gratitude we have for the relationship we have established through the years.”


Scenic View Transportation, Inc. is a family owned, for-profit, Ohio Corporation, which was organized in 2007. SVT specializes in providing non-emergent transportation services to the elderly, underprivileged and disabled population to doctor and other necessary appointments. SVT’s former owners started the company due to seeing the need for safe, professional and reliable Nursing Home transportation around Stark County. SVT’s current owners used its service to transport their family member, Herschel, before he passed away at the end of 2012. Its current President had been around handicapped individuals since his sibling had cerebral palsy, passing away in 2011. The memories of these two individuals are seen in the compassion the leaders put towards its employees and clients. These life valuable experiences within the administration have allowed SVT to expand on the founding principles of the business making it one of the most recognized and respected NEMT companies in NE Ohio. Scenic View Transportation, Inc.’s goal is to be the best, most reliable, professional, and friendliest Ambulette service provider in Ohio. 

Scenic View Transportation has seen around a 600% growth since the transition of ownership in 2012, making the need to change the past practices inevitable. When the business started expanding into different regions and increasing its footprint, it became very burdensome and costly to collect paper documentation for billing. As anyone in the industry knows, this documentation must be submitted promptly and with no errors. The growth made it hard to accomplish the promptness of billing and thus we found the need to move to an electronic capturing service, resulting in our partnership with RoutingBox. The industry is always adding more regulations and oversight, increasing the need for NEMT companies to oversee accuracy and promptness of its documentation. Without capturing complete and accurate documentation, we would be prohibited from billing for the services we are rendering. Thus, using a service such as RoutingBox, has increased our cash flow and allowed us to reduce the amount of human error to almost zero. 

When SVT saw the need for a technology-based solution, we knew it must be able to capture signatures, times, odometers and provide our drivers with detailed notes of clients and locations. SVT is a very detailed oriented company and knew it needed a solution that had the same direction as ourselves. RoutingBox stood out beyond its competitors based on its strive for reliability, professionalism, promptness, and ease of use.  

The feature SVT finds to be the most appealing is the signature capture that prohibits the driver from completing a trip without it. This is very important in the NEMT space in order to bill for trips. We also found the geo locating of the capturing of information to be very useful in case of any audits. When we commenced service in 2016, we worked with many different client service individuals to become trained and efficient in the use of the software. They made sure we felt confident in our abilities before training was ended. We then had the ability to chat or call with them at any time we ran into any hurdles using the software. The chat function in the software has been very valuable to us over the years.  

Technology has always been a struggle for majority of our employees. We were very hesitant at first to implement this type of software in fear that it would not stick. Very quickly after taking on the risk, we found that almost all our drivers and employees grasped the concepts very quickly. The software is very simplistic and easy to use. RoutingBox has added many different features and tools over the years. While we have not used all the features to us, we appreciate their focus on how to make our lives just a little bit easier. We ensure that all our partnerships are as innovative as us so we can feel confident in their ability to grow with us. 

This solution has allowed us to cut payroll, office supplies and vehicle depreciation costs with the reduction of visits we need to have with our remote employees. We are now able to bill for the trips almost immediately after completion, increasing cash flow and productivity. We have seen on average about an 85% growth in capex and 55% in gross receipts year over year in our service. We attribute this success from providing the service that our clients deserve. We will continue to expand as long as the need is there, and we can maintain the quality of service that was instilled since the beginning.  

We have been very impressed with the customer service RoutingBox has provided us. Words cannot express the gratitude we have for the relationship we have established through the years. They ensure customer satisfaction and will listen to any insights or ideas you may have. The biggest reward we have is when we see an idea, we bring to them be implemented across the platform. This makes you know that they do care and listen to their customers. We plan on continuing our valued partnership with RoutingBox by providing continual feedback and growth opportunities that will allow us to use more of the valuable tools they provide to us. 

Much like our business core principles, we have believed in giving back to those in need. There are numerous organizations whom we have donated to over the years that also have a significant impact to our community. We sponsor as many events as we can afford because there is no greater gift than knowing we have made an impact on someone else’s life. 

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