The RoutingBox Driver App links your dispatchers back at HQ with your drivers on the road. Drivers have up to the minute information from dispatchers and dispatchers have a real-time view of driver locations and vehicle status. Eliminate miscommunication and make the best real-time decisions.

Personalized Driver Experience

Customize what the drivers see in the app. Improve the experience for both the driver and passenger by having important notes like “pick up at side door”.

Vehicle Safety Checklist

Safety is top priority! Use custom pre and post shift vehicle safety checklists. Track every vehicle every day. Because you can create your own checklists, your drivers will keep track of the things that matter most to you.

Vehicle Location Tracking

Live GPS tracking lets you know precisely where your vehicles are at any time. No need to distract your driver with calls for updates. View real-time positions of drivers with color-coded icons and easily see a vehicle’s live status (en route to pick up, en route to drop off, etc.).

Interactive Driver Manifest

No need for paper trip sheets, radios, or multiple check-ins. The system is interactive: dispatchers see real-time driver locations and the software helps calculate the best driver for an additional trip. Trips are immediately sent to the driver with a click.

Real-time Trip Status & Assignment Updates

Eliminate distracting calls: drivers are updating trip status in real time. Increase accuracy while reducing your dispatcher’s workload.

Tracker History Audit

Tracker History AuditSee a ‘bread-crumb’ trail of your drivers’ days. Know the precise locations for pick-ups and drop-offs and the entire paths taken for each driver every day. Report on any stops and exceptions that fall outside your distance radius.

Turn-by-Turn Direction

Many drivers are well versed in their areas and know the best paths to take. When there are real-time traffic issues, the RoutingBox Driver App will help them make necessary adjustments using turn-by-turn GPS directions.

Electronic Signatures

Using the Driver app to go completely paperless and meet your compliance rules. Capture client and driver signatures directly in the app. Signatures can later be sent electronically or printed with manifests and billing/audit reports.

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