Take a Test Drive

After you’ve done your research, schedule a free demo with us! We’ll:

  • Navigate you through a personalized overview of our software
  • Share how others are using RoutingBox’s features to grow their business and gain a competitive edge in their markets
  • Answer your questions so that you can make the best decision possible for your business

If we’re not a mutual fit for your business goals that’s OK! We’ll say so.


Once you’ve decided to work with us, it’s time to introduce you to your Customer Success Team. It is time to begin building your company in RoutingBox. We’ll get started with a customized, multisession, training course with your Customer Success Manager. We help you input your real-world data and make sure that you understand everything you need to take your business to the next level.


Even the best, strongest, businesses need some extra help once in a while. As your business grows, you’ll be hiring new staff, and shifting existing people as needed. Perhaps someone on your staff might need training using a part of the system they have not used before. Here’s where our support team can jump in to help field your on-the-job questions so that you get up-to-speed quickly. Use the written and video resources available 24/7 in the online RoutingBox Academy.

Ready for a Test Drive?

From the beginning, RoutingBox has remained committed to removing barriers for transportation companies attempting to provide access to healthcare and community services. Now, we want to help you.