Medicaid and NEMT models vary a great deal from state to state. Some transporters focus mainly on Medicaid transportation, while others focus on different industries as their main type of transportation. In this recap of RoutingBox Friday live, we’re going to focus on Medicaid and the three different models that are used in different states. Let’s get started! Key players: State Medicaid Transportation brokers MCOs (managed care organizations – a group that works with state
Why is it important to be compliant? In every industry, there are specified guidelines and general practices that must be followed. Compliance with these regulations is essential to the success and integrity of any organization. Failure to comply with your state and federal guidelines can result in serious consequences for your business. In this article we’ll be focusing specifically on the NEMT industry; it’s important to fully understand the required data needed since it varies
This past Friday we had the BiTS Senior Manager, Dillon Joseph, join Jonathon Anthon to discuss the different ways software can help mitigate risk and eliminate fraud possibilities. Dillon works with the mobile app a lot, and because of this, was able to discuss how it helps customers with risk and fraud mitigation. There are many reasons implementing software can help assist your company with compliance. Let’s revisit a few of the ideas that were
Ringing in our latest RoutingBox Friday recap, Jonathon Anthon and Kristen Schroeder, Customer Support Manager, discussed LogistiCare ATMS and the integration with RoutingBox. We talked about exactly what this is and how it works. A lot of you may have heard about ATMS lately, mainly because LogistiCare has been reaching out letting transporters know that they need to be using an approved integrated software with an ATMS integration. Essentially, they’re moving towards all transportation providers
This past Friday we had a guest speaker from our very own development team, Adam Garrett, collaborate with our National Sales Director Jonathon Anthon, to expand on the importance of switching from manually inputting data to managing data electronically with effective software tools. Keeping your company current and in touch with the latest technology will not only help you build a more efficient business, but also allow for a better client experience. Let’s dive into