It’s important to understand how software can help each individual business with their individual business needs. One very resourceful tool that every organization should be implementing through the RoutingBox software is the assignment suggestion tool. This tool gives dispatchers the opportunity to create a clear path for which drivers to assign to each trip, and which vehicles they should be using. As you know, each trip has individual requirements and specifications. It’s important to have
If utilized correctly, the data you gather from each trip can be used to drive business intelligence. This intelligence can be useful to your organization for many reasons. You may discover that some trips haven’t been billed, or you might still have denials from trips that occurred months ago. You could be missing payments, and not even know it. It’s important to have a software that prevents this from happening. In RoutingBox, the Trip Viewer can be
When working with the Trip Viewer in RoutingBox, there are many alternative ways to filter and sort your data points to create custom reports that will display important trip information. The Trip Viewer is what we call an ad hoc reporting system, which gives you access to the data associated with each of your trips. The important thing to stress when working within the TripViewer is how customizable this reporting feature is. You can create custom reports with numerous fields, adding
The importance of maintaining peak efficiency when it comes to scheduling within the NEMT industry is crucial. Scheduling on spreadsheets is a common practice that can be helpful for some, but for most does not provide the necessary validation or functionality. CHALLENGE 1: One common misconception is that as long as everything is done “electronically,” then the company is being 100% efficient. Spreadsheets are electronic, so does that mean it’s efficient? Most providers have trips
Medicaid and NEMT models vary a great deal from state to state. Some transporters focus mainly on Medicaid transportation, while others focus on different industries as their main type of transportation. In this recap of RoutingBox Friday live, we’re going to focus on Medicaid and the three different models that are used in different states. Let’s get started! Key players: State Medicaid Transportation brokers MCOs (managed care organizations – a group that works with state