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RoutingBox has allowed us to streamline our internal operation. Having so much trip data at our fingertips helps us make more data-driven decisions, and give us the ability to generate more accurate and efficient invoicing.

A family-owned and operated business for over 30 years, Tristar Transportation has operated at the intersection of safe, reliable, and flexible to become a leader in NEMT and SPED operations for the “Buckeye State” of Ohio.


To put it plain and simple, RoutingBox NEMT Software has everything that we are looking for.

Evelyn Simmons is the owner of Gemini Transportation Services – a non-emergency medical transportation company based in Michigan. They provide services for patients to go to and from medical appointments. In February 2021, the company realized they needed reliable software to help keep things in order and help them operate in a timelier manner. 


RoutingBox NEMT Software has made all the difference.

When Bryan was going through chemotherapy, he started to notice the real problem with NEMT. “When I’d leave chemo with my wife,” he said, “I’d see the same people waiting outside for their ride home as I saw on my way in over an hour earlier.”


RoutingBox NEMT Software increased trip volume by 20%

For a while they were unhappy with the abilities of their previous software, which prompted them to explore other NEMT options. During this search they explored many options, but none seemed to be the right fit. Eventually, they discovered RoutingBox.

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From the beginning, RoutingBox has remained committed to removing barriers for transportation companies attempting to provide access to healthcare and community services. Now, we want to help you.