Your Complete Transportation Software Solution


TransCorp is a company that struggled with billing, compliance, and communication.  Watch how RoutingBox helped streamline TransCorp’s operations so they could save time and money.

The MedBatch Advantage

Our sister medical billing platform. Makes billing Medicaid easier and faster than ever. What usually takes hours of tedious work can be reduced to a couple clicks. To find out more visit today. 

Who is RoutingBox?

RoutingBox is the most advanced real-time dispatching routing software in the transportation industry but it’s not about the technology it’s about the people and how our software affects communities.

Special Education Transportation

With RoutingBox’s industry-leading features like Route Optimization and a comprehensive student database, our software helps your students get to where they need to be safely and efficiently. 

Passenger Text Reminders

Decrease “no-shows” and increase customer satisfaction with passenger text reminders. Now your customers know when their trips are and your operation saves time and money.

Quick Assign

Our Quick assign feature is the transportation industry’s most sophisticated scheduling tool to make sure that you are doing more with less.

Broker Integration

Here at RoutingBox we don’t just want to be your transportation software of choice, but a partner that helps your operation move forward. With RoutingBox’s full broker integration our software will automatically import in trips from your broker portal.