Evelyn Simmons is the owner of Gemini Transportation Services – a non-emergency medical transportation company based in Michigan. They provide services for patients to go to and from medical appointments. In February of 2021, the company realized they needed a reliable software to help keep things in order and help them operate in a timelier manner. They were looking for a quick way to make appointments for their passengers as well as an easy way to track the location of their drivers. 

Up until February, Gemini Transportation Services was using spreadsheets to keep track of all their data and to run their business daily. As the company was growing it became evident that they had outgrown the “by hand” method of organization and operation. It was important to Simmons that whichever solution they decided to move forward with would make it easy for anyone in the office to complete any assignment – this way if the person normally responsible for a particular task was not available, that task would still be able to be completed. 

“To put it plain and simple, RoutingBox has everything that we are looking for,” Simmons told us. “[Our Customer Success Manager] Alex is so people friendly and made it easy to learn the program. He’s patient and we couldn’t have asked for a better person to make our learning experience a joy… Alex scheduled zoom trainings for us and allowed each one of us to explain what we were looking for to accommodate our needs. He made sure that my team understood each session before he moved on to the next. We all felt comfortable and relaxed asking questions and didn’t feel rushed. He encouraged us to call or email at any time if we had questions or problems.” 

While many NEMT providers see the need to transition to a software many are hesitant to make the change. Change is always daunting especially when you’re trying to run a business and that change would require you to take time out of your day to get everyone up to speed. This was a concern for Gemini. Simmons told us, “At first, everyone was a little skeptical about trying something unfamiliar and felt that it would be hard to learn and would slow their performance down. They quickly learned the program and find that RoutingBox has improved their performance and make it easy for them as well as the patients.”  

Our team at RoutingBox is thrilled to have Evelyn and her team at Gemini Transportation Services on board. We cannot wait to help them continue to increase their confidence in using the software and to help them grow their company. 

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