HTM MedTrans


HTM MedTrans is a Medical Transportation provider in New York State that accommodates stretcher, wheelchair and ambulatory trips. HTM has 7 vehicles that are dedicated to paratransit and NEMT. They partner with local health care providers to ensure their clients are receiving the highest quality care while accommodating their needs. They have positioned themselves in a way that puts their passengers above all else, which allows them evolve with the ever-changing NEMT industry.

For a while they were unhappy with the abilities of their previous software, which prompted them to explore other NEMT options. During this search they explored many options, but none seemed to be the right fit. Eventually, they discovered RoutingBox. They worked with the sales team to explore how the software could be uniquely applied to their business needs. They understood the value in how RoutingBox would streamline their scheduling, dispatching and billing processes. Once implemented, this not only improved the operations on the company’s internal side, but also improved the passenger experience as well. In turn, this has allowed them to accommodate more rides, and increase customer satisfaction.

“RoutingBox has impacted our business greatly. It allows us to be incredibly efficient and timely, professional and reliable to our customers.”

– Zach Allen, Professional Driver Trainer


HTM found themselves in need of an efficient, direct, and easy to comprehend software that would streamline their day-to-day operations and ease their billing processes. Before RoutingBox, HTM was using a software that was producing very slow processes within their organization. This software made simple tasks such as gathering trip details, take an unnecessary amount of time. They found that this software was having them enter redundant information when trying to dispatch every single trip. It took up to 5 minutes to complete this data entering process, which was becoming increasingly problematic.

When it came to invoices, the billing manager at HTM was forced to manually create and bill them. The billing manager had to pull and invoice one trip at a time.

“RoutingBox gives us the ability to get our trips scheduled faster.”

– Ryan Tichenor, Vice President/Operations Manager


How RoutingBox Helped

In an industry where time is of the essence, transportation providers need a software that cuts down on data entry and streamlines their scheduling, dispatching and billing processes.

After switching to RoutingBox the issues HTM MedTrans was experiencing from their previous software were completely eliminated. The time spent scheduling and dispatching each trip was cut by about 60%. Being given the ability to schedule trips faster is a gift in the medical transportation industry. When time equals money, the less time spent on dispatching each trip, is more time employees can spend on completing more trips than ever before.

“The drivers had 5-6 less steps to do because the software was much more condensed for them. The dispatching staff was finding out they could schedule trips faster, and I also know where my drivers are now in real time with the tracker.”

– Ryan Tichenor, Vice President/Operations Manager


HTM MedTrans is currently using RoutingBox to grow their business while reducing the time and money it takes to do so.

“RoutingBox has made it faster for us to schedule trips, easier for us to bill out a variety of transportation brokers and self-pay clients, but it has also increased our trip volume over 20% due to its efficiency!”

– Ryan Tichenor, Vice President/Operations Manager

With the extra time the dispatching staff has gained since implementing RoutingBox, they were able to increase their trip volume, ultimately growing their business.