Desktop App


The RoutingBox Desktop App is the most comprehensive dispatching software application created by N.E.M.E.T experts. Its robust functionalities assist with everything from scheduling to billing right from your desktop computer. Increase your efficiency and streamline all your daily processes by our NEMT Dispatch Software Tool!

Route Optimization

Route Optimization will help you design the most efficient and effective routes, allowing for better use of your time and resources from dispatchers to drivers.

Route Suggestion and Visual Dispatching

Will-call trips are a great way to add more trips to your day, but they can be a real pain for your dispatchers and for drivers who are already a few trips into a set route. Route Suggestion and Visual Dispatch work hand in hand when deciding who the next best driver is to take a trip based on ETA and distance away from that next pick-up. The NEMT Dispatch Software Tool will then filter those trips into your driver’s schedules, route appropriately, and adjust accordingly for them.

Comprehensive Reporting

RoutingBox dispatching software keeps track of everything you need for reporting and potential audits. Not only are premade reports already in the software for you, but it will store all the information you need to create your own reports based on what is wanted or required from you.

Driver Tracking

Live driver tracking minimizes distracted driving and makes sure that your dispatchers have real time information on where your drivers are and their statuses.

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From the beginning, RoutingBox has remained committed to removing barriers for transportation companies attempting to provide access to healthcare and community services. Now, we want to help you.