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Why RoutingBox?



RoutingBox is the most advanced software in the industry. What makes us unique? RoutingBox was created, and continues to be enhanced, by NEMT experts that also own and operate a NEMT transportation company: we face the same challenges you do every day!


Customer Experience

We do more for you than just provide great software: we help you grow your business. Once you’ve decided to work with us, it's time to introduce you to your Customer Success Team. It is time to begin building your company in RoutingBox. We'll get started with a customized, multisession, training course with your Customer Success Manager.


Meet the Team

No other software provider has the experience that we bring to you both in quality and quantity. We are experts in both Transporation and Software. With RoutingBox, you have the most adaptable software: helping you operate efficiently every day and helping you grow your transportation business for the future.

Ready for a Test Drive?

From the beginning, RoutingBox has remained committed to removing barriers for transportation companies attempting to provide access to healthcare and community services. Now, we want to help you.