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Your route to better business!

Designed to streamline your NEMT business, so you can focus on what matters most: the customer




Simple, fast, and powerful NEMT software.

RoutingBox is designed specifically for passenger transportation. By streamlining and automating your day-to-day operations, RoutingBox will get you on a route to better business.

From scheduling to dispatching to billing, we’ve got you covered.

No longer deal with...

  • Bad address data
  • Miscommunication
  • Tedious data entry
  • Outdated scheduling methods
  • Human error
  • Wasted time
  • Passenger frustration
  • Denials and cash flow

RoutingBox, powering the NEMT industry:


Trips Scheduled


People Moved


Medical Claims


Vehicles Dispatched


Automated, user-friendly scheduling

Put an end to human scheduling errors and save time doing it with our brokerage importer and smart trip validation algorithms.

Intelligent Brokerage Importing
Computer-Assisted, On-Demand,
& Fixed Routing
Integrated Mapping
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Take the guesswork out of dispatching

Minimize driver miscommunication, wasted time, and passenger frustration. RoutingBox gives dispatchers better visibility and allows them to match resources with demand in real-time.

Real-Time Trip Status
& Assignment Updates
Interactive Driver Manifest
Vehicle Location Tracking
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Get paid on time for the trips you make

RoutingBox automates the billing process to eliminate human error, minimize denials, and speed up your cash flow. We support a wide range of payers and brokers with different invoicing formats such as electronic EDI, CMS 1500, paper invoices, and attendance sheets.

Automated Pricing & Coding
Electronic EDI Billing
Paper Invoices, Attendance Sheets,
& CMS 1500 Forms
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