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RoutingBox is the most comprehensive real-time dispatch software suite built specifically for NEMT by NEMT experts. Leading the transportation industry for over a decade, RoutingBox has covered over 297 million passenger miles, transported over 1 million unique passengers, and is used daily by more than 15,000 vehicles across 43 States. RoutingBox helps transporters save time and money with best-in-class features to help with scheduling, dispatching, route optimization, and billing. We have designed our NEMT software to take the utmost care of you so that you can take the utmost care of your customers.


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Simplify and streamline your tedious scheduling processes. The user-friendly system eliminates paper scheduling, lengthy and confusing spreadsheets, and common errors like incorrect addresses and overlapping trips. Automatically import trips from your brokers with just a few clicks. Streamline your driver’s routes with our industry leading Route Optimization tool.

Drivers and dispatchers communicate in real time, eliminating miscommunication, wasted time, and passenger frustration. The Driver app captures signatures too. No need for paper signature sheets, radios, and pagers in vehicles. Easily increase transparency and accountability.

Get paid faster and simplify your billing processes. Decrease data entry time and minimize denials. Improve your cash flow. Automatically generate invoices, CMS 1500 Forms, and 837 Electronic transactions directly from RoutingBox.

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How can you immediately jump-start dispatch, billing, and asset management in your organization? Improve operational efficiency and customer care with our industry-leading transportation NEMT software solution today.

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Simplifying and Streamlining Your Day-to-Day Operations

In 2016, when Bryan had just begun trying to bring about real industry change at Hometown Taxi, he was doing pretty much everything by hand with pen and paper. They had a variety of phones, radios, and in-car GPS systems, but something was always falling short. Then, he decided to try RoutingBox.

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RoutingBox has allowed us to streamline our billing processes, eliminating manual data entry. This has saved us an enormous amount of money on unnecessary labor costs.


Seamless Broker Integrations

Stop entering trip information by hand! RoutingBox allows for trip importing from many national and regional brokers by way of document uploads and in some cases, direct connections. Save your team time and be confident in knowing your trip information will always be accurate and up to date – even when it comes to last-minute changes with our Real-time NEMT Dispatching Software.